Joining the PNP is a job like no other.  It is a challenging career that you need to explore.  It is difficult but rewarding, not only in terms of benefits, but also in the satisfaction of helping others and sacrificing your comfort to make this world a better place to live.

As a Police Officer,  we work to keep our communities safe.  We prevent criminals and terrorists from disrupting the normal activities of the citizens.  We ensure that the people can walk the streets and sleep at night and be assured that they and their families will not be victims of criminal activities (murder, homicide, robbery, theft, carnapping, illegal drugs, rape and other crimes).

PNP Application


Duly Accomplished CSC                                                                                     – Tab “A”

Birth Certificate (NSO)                                                                                      – Tab “B”

Report of Rating of Eligibility                                                                           – Tab “C”

Two (2) pcs 2×2 Black & White Pictures

Indicate applicant’s name                                                                                – Tab “D”

Transcript of Records and Diploma                                                                   – Tab “E”

Clearances:                                                                                                   – Tab “F”

  1. Barangay Clearance
  2. Police Clearance
  3. RTC
  4. MTC
  5. NBI Clearance
  6. Mayor

Medical Certificate Issued by the Local Health Officer                                    – Tab “G”

Copy of 2 Valid ID’s with picture,

Signature and address: and                                                                             -Tab “H”

Certificate of Good Moral Character issued by

The applicant’s College/University                                                                 -Tab “I”

(Note:  All applicants must wear white t-shirt (tucked-in)  and maong pants inside the camp)


Documentary Requirements for Patrolman/Patrolwoman

Hereby are the Documentary Requirements / Recommended Table of Contents for the Applicants for Patrolman/Patrolwoman Recruitment Program


TABLE OF CONTENTS – Folder 1 for PROs/NSU for Records Section

(Mandatory Requirements)

A – CSC Form 212 (revised 2005);

B – Birth Certificate (Authenticated byLCR w/ NSO);

C – Eligibility (Authenticated by NAPOLCOM, PRC);

D – Two (2) pieces 2×2 black and white picture indicating applicants  name;

F – Clearances from Barangay, Local Police Station,  RTC, MTC  and  NBI;

G – Medical Certificate issued by the Local Health Officer attached ECG Result



Folder I –   ONE COPY ORIGINAL FOLLOWED BY 2 XEROX authenticated

Folder II-   ONE COPY XEROX authenticated

TABLE OF CONTENTS (For Attestation) –  Folder 2 CSC

A – CSC Form 212 (Revised 2005)

B – Eligibility (Authenticated by NAPOLCOM, PRC)

D – NBI (Original)

E – Physical/ Medical Clearances with attached ECG Result

F – Birth Certificate (Authenticated by Local Civil Registrar w/ NSO)




TABLE OF CONTENTS (201 File) Folder 3 for NAPOLCOM file

A – CSC Form 212 (Revised 2005)

B – Personal History Statement

C – Birth Certificate

D – Medical Certificate with attached ECG Result

E – Eligibility (Authenticated by the NAPOLCOM, PRC)

F – Two (2) pieces passport size picture in GOA Uniform

H – Clearances from the Barangay, Local Police Station, RTC/MTC an NBI;

I –  Oath of Office

J –  Appointment Order

K –   Birth Certificate of children if married/Marriage contract

L –   Hand wrtting specimen

M –  Finger print




Additional One (1) Blue Long Folder  with Fastener (without Tabbing)

Personal Data Sheet (ODPRM Format)

Appointment Order (Original)

Birth Certificate (Authenticated)

Eligibility (Authenticated)

CSC Attested Appointment

Oath of Office

Medical Records (Drug Test and Neuro Exam)

Handwriting and Fingerprint Specimen


Please Coordinate with RPHRDD for further details