PCOL HENRY GALAGNARA DAMPAL                        – City Director

PLTCOL ERWIN BAYANI ORZAL MENESES              – Deputy City Director for Administration

PLTCOL DEXTER GABOR PAJE                                 – Deputy City Director for Operations


PMAJ JAMES OLORES GAYLAN                                   – Officer-In-Charge, City Intelligence Unit

PMAJ PETER LASCUNA TAJOR                                   – Officer-In-Charge, City Operations and Management Unit

PCPT NOEMI MORALES CAUDILLA                             – Logistics & Supply Officer

PMAJ EVAN NEQUINTO VIÑAS                                      – Chief, City Community Affairs Development Unit – Public Information Officer

PMAJ RITHCHIE ANOY SALVA                                      – Chief, City Investigation and Detective Management Unit /Chief, CRMES

PMAJ ABDUL ALIM TORRES SUMANDAR                – Officer-In-Charge, City Plans and Programs Unit

PCPT EDEN SANCHEZ AMORES                                  – Assistant Chief/CPHRO/OIC, TPU

PCPT ROWENA MEDEL CABATINGAN                       – Officer-In-Charge, Women and Children Protection Desk

PMAJ JOEL SEVILLA NACUA                                        – Chief, Mobile Patrol Unit

PMAJ ALLAN ENGRACIA CURATO                               – Chief, Traffic Enforcement Unit

PCPT EXCYLLO QUIÑOLA                                               – Chief, City Drug Enforcement Unit

PLTCOL ALEXY EMBERNATE SONIDO                       – Force Commander, City Mobile Force Commander

PCPT ABUBACAR-SIDIQUE LAWI SUMANDAR        – Officer-In-Charge, Police Station 1

PCPT ERNESTO MIRANDA SANCHEZ                         – Station Commander, Police Station 2

PCPT JULIUS GADRINAB SALUTA                               – Officer-In-Charge, Police Station 3

PMAJ JELESIS DELOS REYES TEVES                       – Officer-In-Charge, Police Station 4

PCPT MARK HOMER BACARRA OSTAN                     – Officer-In-Charge, Police Station 5

PCPT RON MAAGAD BABA                                             – Officer-In-Charge, Police Station 6

PMAJ ALDREN ESTRADA BACULIO                            – Station Commander, Police Station 7

PCPT VALENTINES IPAN BAJA                                     – Officer-In-Charge, Police Station 8

PMAJ ERICSON ENERIO SABANAL                             – Officer-In-Charge, Police Station 9

PCPT EDDIE EMANO AKUT                                             – Officer-In-Charge, Police Station 10