PRESS RELEASE 2023-0808-003

COCPO – PCOL SALVADOR N RADAM, OIC COCPO has released a progress report regarding the Robbery incident at Gold Mega Jewelry, Jr Borja Street, Cagayan de Oro City, and lauded the efforts of the operating teams who were steadfast in finding solutions of the incident.

It can be recalled that on August 2, 2023, at approximately 10:00 am, a robbery incident occurred at Gold Mega Jewelry on J.R. Borja Street, Brgy. 29, Cagayan de Oro City. Six unidentified armed suspects forcibly entered the jewelry shop and looted various pieces of jewelry.

A witness came forward and identified two of the suspects involved in the robbery. One suspect, whose name is withheld, was seen carrying a long firearm believed to be an M-4 rifle. The individual hails from an adjacent province but was temporarily staying in one of the city’s barangays. The second suspect is also a native of the same province, but no further details about this person were provided in the report.

After a massive follow-up operation with the help of the relevant information being fed by the concerned individuals, the operating team successfully recovered the getaway vehicle, a Toyota Wigo, after the owner of a rented car voluntarily surrendered the same.

Chief of COCPO PCOL SALVADOR N RADAM, Officer-In-Charge, expressed his gratitude to the people and the community for their support during this challenging time. COCPO called for the public’s cooperation in reporting any information related to the suspects of the robbery incident to the police. By working together, law enforcement authorities and the community can collaborate effectively to ensure the safety and security of the city.

COCPO is pursuing investigating the case and preparing the necessary documents to file charges against the identified individuals, as well as the person from other places and several other “john does” involved in the robbery. The unwavering dedication of COCPO personnel fuels their desire in apprehending all whose responsible for the robbery at Gold Mega Jewelry. Updates and developments on the case will be provided as they become available.